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Some dishes have medium portion.Please call us at 6238 5085 / 8298 6426 to order before coming down. our staff will be glad to assist you.


Handmade & Homemade Products


Frozen Products


Supreme Vege provide corporate catering to all businesses and we are please to cater your full day needs with morning and afternoon tea break.
We also provide catering for home parties event,baby shower,birthday party, religious and public occasion, especially one celebrating a particular event, achievement or anniversary
We also provide private chef service, for more information, please contact us at 6238 5085 / 8298 6426.

Supreme Vege have more than a decade of experience in providing Wedding catering. We cater for wedding ROM, wedding lunch and wedding dinner.
We also provide private chef service, to know more about this please call 6238 5085 / 8298 6426.

You can download our packages below.

To customise your very special vegetarian menu, please contact us at 6238 5085 / 8298 6426 or email to / for more information. Our team will be pleased to assist you.
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